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Made specially for gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, queer, intersex and anyone else on the gender and sexuality spectrum. The app offers a safe and secure space to build relationships, make friends, look for networking opportunities, or chat casually. We are open to everyone regardless of where they identify on the gender and sexuality spectrum. Taimi started as a dating app for gay men.

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As part of the modern world, we are bombarded by sex and sexuality.

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Every image, advertisement, film, and tv show portrays sex and sexuality as a normal and constant part of our lives. And for most people, it is. Information and awareness about asexuality can be difficult to find, especially for young people questioning their identities. I want to start by saying that I do not personally identify as asexual and therefore, do not claim to speak from any point of expertise or experience.

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However, I believe this is an important issue that is not explored enough, especially for college-age women. My purpose in writing this article is to spread awareness of asexuality and asexual relationships and I endeavor to do it with the utmost respect for the asexual community. For this article, I interviewed an asexual friend of mine about her personal experiences; she is a freshman at Itahaca College, but has requested to have her identity remain anonymous.

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There was a point where I really loved the guy, felt safe and comfortable being vulnerable with him, but I never once wanted to have sex with him. Approaching a relationship with an asexual person or as an asexual person can be intimidating; however, navigating any relationship successfully requires communication and compromise.

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One of the most important concepts to understand is that everyone approaches dating and sexuality differently; this is not exclusive to the asexual community. The asexuality spectrum is unique in that it is incredibly broad. There is no one statement or characteristic that will apply to all asexual people, so it is integral that both partners discuss and determine their boundaries together.

Other asexual people feel romantic attraction and value some forms of physical intimacy, including cuddling, holding hands, and for some, kissing.

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Some asexual people are sex-averse and others are merely sex-indifferent. There are asexual people who have active sex lives with their partners and others who seek physical fulfillment through masturbation.

Asexual people can also have fluctuating sexual attraction, making consistent communication doubly important. I also look for someone I find physically attractive and like to cuddle with.

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Asexual people should not feel obligated to come out; no one is entitled to an explanation of your sexuality or sexual habits. However, being open about your sexuality and sexual boundaries with potential partners early on in a relationship can help set healthy boundaries and prevent misunderstandings later on in the relationship. All dating is about is exploring your long-term compatibility with another person, and this includes exploring sexual compatibility and honestly.

Redefining what it means to be intimate can be an important aspect of asexual romantic relationships.

Many asexual people feel the desire for a deep, emotional connection through a romantic relationship. If intimacy and sex are completely intertwined ideas for you, you may have to reconsider your personal definition of intimacy or judge whether you can pursue a relationship with an asexual person.

Many asexual people desire physical intimacy separate from sex. Taking the time to explore different types of attraction — romantic, aesthetic, or intellectual — can be just as powerful and important to the success of a relationship as sexual intimacy. Though often used interchangeably, there is a clear difference between romantic orientation and sexual orientation.

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It can be difficult for asexual people to find each other when looking for a romantic partner and the asexual spectrum is so broad that two asexual people could have very different sexual needs regardless. Asexuality, like any other sexual identity, is not a choice. Assuming your partner does not feel sexual attraction because of your body or sexual performance is a fundamental misunderstanding of what asexuality is.

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Guilt and insecurity on either side will cause any relationship to quickly deteriorate. It is also critical that you do not judge or pressure your partner for sex.

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Treating an asexual partner as broken or flawed is deeply damaging and will reinforce the pervasive, incorrect idea that asexuality occurs due to trauma or disability. This common misconception is why many who identify as asexual are misunderstood by mental health and medical professionals alike. I was ok to do it, but I would have been just as fine without it. As someone with sexual desires, do not allow your sexual needs to take a backseat in your relationship. Mismatched or hidden sexual desires can make or break a relationship, so establishing boundaries acceptable for both partners is important.

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If sex with another person is definitely a need for you and you are dating an asexual person, research and discuss potential compromises. Some asexual partners are willing to have sex with their partners and others may be willing to pursue an open or polyamorous relationship. Finally, if and only if you and your partner are completely comfortable with it, consider being open about your relationship.

One of the issues many young asexual people face is a lack of representation. The lack of asexual representation and visibility made it very difficult for me to find the words that best expressed my experiences. I would also like to hear stories from successful relationships ace and non-ace people have had.

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Some sources available for anyone more interested in learning about asexuality include The Asexual Visibility and Education Network. This website also has a specific forum for partners, friends, and allies of asexual people. HC at U Penn.

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Harshita Gupta. Harshita Gupta U Penn ' Harshita is currently studying biology and English as a junior at the University of Pennsylvania.

She loves musicals, good food, and long naps! Good stuff only! We wanna slide into your DMs but via .