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The following messages are suspected scams the Department has been made aware of and are listed below to help you avoid them. Links to scam web s have been removed and spaces have been added to addresses to ensure they do not become hyperlinks. Reported online scams from years Lotto Scam What is it? Individuals have been targeted by a large SMS text campaign claiming to offer them discounted Lotto tickets, or other cheap items such as the latest smartphone. While the SMS message listed above does not mention Lotto, if the target clicks the link it will redirect them to a well-constructed web advertising Lotto tickets at a discounted price.

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Senate Special Committee on Aging. They are being targeted by criminals who want to rob them of their hard-earned retirement savings. They are being exploited by strangers over the telephone, through the mail, and online.

Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

Worse yet, far too many seniors may also be targeted by family members or by other people who they trust. The U. Senate Special Committee on Aging is committed to protecting older Americas against fraud and to bringing greater awareness of this pervasive problem. The Committee maintains a toll-free Fraud Hotline: By serving as a resource for seniors and others affected by scams, the Hotline has helped increase reporting and awareness of consumer fraud.

Additionally, Committee staff and investigators who operate the Fraud Hotline can provide callers with important information to help reduce the likelihood that they will become a victim. Over the past year, more than 1, individuals all across the country contacted the Fraud Hotline.

The Committee would like to thank the many consumer advocacy organizations, community centers, and local law enforcement that have provided invaluable assistance by encouraging consumers to call the Fraud Hotline to document scams. TIGTA data suggest that increased public awareness has made it more difficult for criminals to find victims.

While there are multiple variations of the IRS impersonation scam, criminals generally accuse victims of owing back taxes and penalties. They then threaten retaliation, such as home foreclosure, arrest, and, in some cases, deportation if immediate payment is not made by certified check, credit card, Collins MS internet dating scams wire transfer, prepaid debit card or gift card. Scott said someone claiming to work for the IRS called his mother and told her that her recently-deceased father owed a large debt to the IRS.

The criminals tell victims that if they immediately pay the amount that is allegedly owed, the issue with IRS will be resolved and the arrest warrant, or other adverse action, will be canceled. Once victims make an initial payment, they will often be told that further review of their tax records has identified another discrepancy and that they must pay an additional sum of money to resolve that difference or else face arrest or other adverse action.

Scammers will often take victims through this process multiple times. As long as the victim remains hooked, the scammers will tell them they owe more money. Department of the Treasury and the IRS are headquartered.

As of Septembera total of individuals have been charged in federal court for their roles in the IRS impersonation scam. Two individuals were identified as a direct result of the crucial information provided. TIGTA was ultimately able to identify and indict 10 additional suspects who were involved in the impersonation scam.

The caller reported that an individual claiming to be from the IRS had recently contacted her husband demanding immediate payment of Collins MS internet dating scams back taxes. On his way to the retailer, the distraught victim crashed his car. The caller alleged that Randy owed back taxes and would be arrested if he did not pay the IRS by the end of the day using gift cards. Fortunately, Randy did not believe the scammer and he refused to send money, at which point the scammer threatened to kill him and his children.

Randy has no children, but was frightened by the threat. The largest enforcement action came on October 27,when TIGTA and DOJ announced that after an exhaustive, three-year t investigation, 20 individuals were arrested in the United States and 32 individuals and five call centers in India were charged for their alleged involvement in the scam.

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Hotline noticed a decline in the of IRS scam cases being reported. Prior to the October arrests, nearly three out of four calls to our Hotline involved the IRS impersonation scam. In the three months after the arrests, reports of the scam dropped an incredible 94 percent. Moreover, inthe Committee saw an overall 77 percent reduction in the of IRS impersonation scams reported compared to the year.

According to Ms. Hatch paid the scammers using iTunes gift cards that he purchased at several different grocery and convenience stores.

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Hatch, who served 23 years in the Navy, described feeling both mad and upset that he had been scammed by these criminals. Beginning in Aprilthe IRS started doing something the taxpayers had been long told the IRS would never do — call taxpayers over the telephone to tell them they owe back taxes.

Under the new law, the IRS will first notify a taxpayer in writing that their is being transferred to a private collection agency. While there have not yet been reports of fraudsters impersonating PDCs to scam delinquent taxpayers, TIGTA, the IRS, and consumer groups have expressed concerns that it may only be a matter of time before the scammers do so.

In particular, the senators asked GAO to compare the current program to lessons learned from times when the IRS used PDCs; how the IRS is tracking and comparing the costs and benefits of the PDC program; and how the IRS is protecting taxpayers from abusive PDC behavior as well from scams and identity theft, including protecting older Americans to ensure that the program does not increase the likelihood that they will be targeted by scam artists. Collins MS internet dating scams GAO has not yet completed the study. InCongress passed legislation creating the national Do-Not-Call registry with the goal of putting an end to the plague of telemarketers who were interrupting Americans at all hours of the day with unwanted calls.

Robodialers can be used to distribute prerecorded messages or to connect the person who answers the call with a live person. Robocalls often originate overseas. Con artists usually spoof the from which they are calling to either mask their true identity, or take on a new identity. As described in the first chapter on Internal Revenue Service impersonation scams, fraudsters spoof their s. Robocalls have become an increasing nuisance to consumers in recent years due to advances in technology. Phone calls used to be routed through equipment that was costly and made calling from international locations difficult and expensive.

This traditional, or legacy, equipment sent calls in analog format over a copper wire network and could not easily spoof a caller-ID.

Building a safe, prosperous and respected nation

Today, phone calls can be digitized and routed from anywhere in the world at virtually no cost. Robocalling allows scammers to maximize the of individuals and households they reach. Robocalling is the process of using equipment to mechanically, as opposed to manually, dial phone s in sequence. Voice over Internet Protocol VoIP is a technology that allows a caller to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connections instead of a traditional or analog phone connection. Some VoIP services may only allow a user to call other people using the same service, but others may allow users to call anyone who has a telephoneincluding local, long distance, mobile, and international s.

Many companies now offer third-party spoofing and robodialing services. Third-party spoofing companies provide an easy-to-use computer interface or cell phone application that allows calls to be spoofed at a negligible cost. To demonstrate how accessible this technology is, an Aging Committee staff member spoofed two separate calls to Chairman Susan Collins during a Committee hearing on June 10,titled Ringing Off the Hook: Examining the Proliferation of Unwanted Calls.

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The hearing examined why so many. Americans are constantly receiving unsolicited calls even though they are on the national Do-Not-Call registry. The hearing also discussed how advanced in telephone technology makes it easier for scammers to cast a wide net to increase the of potential victims they can reach, and highlighted possible technological solution for this menace.

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Inthe FCC, under then-Chairman Wheeler, clarified that common carrier obligations do not restrict the ability of service providers to offer call-blocking technology to customers who request it. Stuart described calls about an expired warranty on his vehicle, even though his warranty was still current. A Fraud Hotline investigator advised Stuart to list his on the national Do-Not-Call registry, and to contact his local telephone company and inquire about call blocking features. The Strike Force has developed a blocking framework that includes four types of phone s to help increase flexibility given to voice providers to better block robocalls: invalid, unallocated, unased, and those requested by the subscriber.

They are also able to block valid s that have been allocated to a phone company but have not yet been ased to a subscriber. For example, under the proposal, the IRS could request the blocking of its own s — including the public taxpayers are instructed to call, but is never used to make outgoing calls to taxpayers.

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That way, if someone attempts to. The caller claims to offer help fighting breast cancer. Kate has repeatedly asked the caller to stop calling. In addition, Kate was advised to contact her local telephone company and inquire about call blocking features. The new rule gives providers the authority to block these calls and thus helps prevent countless seniors from falling victim to these scams by preventing these calls from getting to the senior in the first place. In addition Collins MS internet dating scams the FCC, the FTC has also played a role in helping foster technological developments to combat robocalls.

In response to the high volume of robocalls that are made in violation of the national Do-Not-Call Registry, the FTC launched a contest in October to identify innovative solutions to protect consumers from these calls. Aging Committee Fraud Hotline investigators have referred callers who contact the Hotline regarding robocalls to the Nomorobo website and have received positive feed back from callers who chose to register for the service. Sweepstakes scams continue to claim senior victims who believe they have won a lottery and only need to take a few actions to obtain their winnings.

In this scam, fraudsters generally contact victims by phone or through the mail to tell them that they have won or have been entered to win a prize. Scammers then require the victims to pay a fee to either collect their supposed winnings or improve their odds of winning the prize.

During the th Congress, the Aging Committee launched an investigation of the Jamaican Lottery Scam, one of the most pervasive sweepstakes scams.

Lotto scam

At first glance, this country code looks similar to a call coming from a toll-free American. Scammers tell victims that they have won the Jamaican lottery or a brand new car, and that in order for their winnings to be delivered, they must first wire a few hundred dollars to cover processing fees and taxes. Scammers tell victims to send money in a variety of ways, including prepaid debit card, electronic wire transfers, money orders and even cold hard cash. Postal Inspectors. Lead Lists are lists of victims and potential victims.

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Scammers buy and sell these lists and use them to target consumers in future scams. Behind these calls is an organized and sophisticated criminal enterprise, overseeing boiler room operations in Jamaica. Indeed, money scammed from victims helps fund organized crime in that island nation.

Federal trade commission

Since the Committee began investigating this issue, the Jamaican government passed new laws enabling extradition of the criminals to the United States for trial, leading to the extradition of one scammer for prosecution in the United States. Elaborate networks for the transfer of funds are established to evade the anti-fraud systems of financial institutions.

Should victims move or change their phone s, the con artists. This began as a sweepstakes scam when a man called to tell her she had won a lottery. It evolved into a romance scam, and the caller began asking for money to help pay various expenses. The man eventually had the locks on her house changed, and her phone replaced remotely in order to cut her off from her concerned children. The investigator also sent Lisa additional information on the sweepstakes and romance scams to share with her mother-in-law.

While on a trip to Jamaica in early Februarythen-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson noted the important progress Jamaica was making combating lottery scams, including cooperating closely with the United States to extradite suspected lottery scammers, and for establishing a bilateral lottery scam task force.

The con artists adopt a variety of identities to keep the money coming in ever-increasing amounts. Some spend hours on the phone convincing seniors that they care deeply for them. The Aging Committee began seeing an increase in the frequency Collins MS internet dating scams severity of computer-based scams in Private industry has also seen a similar increase in the prevalence of this scam: Microsoft reported receiving more thanconsumer complaints of computer-based fraud between May and October More requests for money followed, and she paid them all via gift card.

She was also eventually able to get the malware removed by the computer retailer.