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Denmark has a strong bicycle culture.

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So you are interested in someone. The million-dollar question is what happens next? University Post gives you 10 mad date ideas for Copenhagen. You are date ideas Denmark a star in front of the mirror, but out in public you eat your words. Inviting the person out for coffee is simply too boring. If you want to impress, here is what you do.

You look through our 10 crazy date ideas and decide on one of them. As they say, pain is a reflex but courage is a choice. So grab yourself in the balls or somewhere more decent, and get ready to be wild at heart and blow your crush away. Whether your crush is native or from somewhere far away, things are done differently here. You can rent one of those big cargo bikes people put their kids into. Buy some fruit, maybe even a beer, and take turns to cruise the streets.

Rent your bike for DKK a day here. An alternative version of the coffee date is the Clockwork Orange model. Find the kitchen essentials department. Go to the place with all the kitchen timers. Many malls have a fair amount of them. The more the merrier! Discreetly set all the kitchen timers for 20 minutes, and go find yourselves two coffees to go.

Hurry up back to the mall, and find a spot where you can watch all the timers go off from a pleasant distance.

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Check out a list of shopping malls in Copenhagen here. Inviting someone to fly with you to Mumbai for a cocktail is hardly an option.

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It does not cost all that much to invite your chosen one on a trip to the airport though. The place is filled with old and new photos of airplanes. Flyvergrillen is open every day from to Enjoy traditional Danish fast food delights and have a beer. Apart from the several planes hovering overhead like giant vultures, the diner is usually filled up with enthusiastic geeks noting down every single flight arrival and departure. This place is legendary. Your date here may also be likely to go down in history. Flyvergrillen is open everyday from to As we all know the weather was pretty crappy this summer, even for Danish standards.

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We hardly got to see each other half naked at the beach. There is hope! Though we are in November, the temperature of the water is actually still okay for skinny-dipping, at least for the ones with Viking ancestry. If you know that your crush would be up for it, invite him or her to go to the beach with you one evening. Check out what the costal water temperatures are like today right here.

You have to be a member to do that!

The zoo. For most of us the zoo equals too many children and a nasty stench of animal fart. But if you are in the right mood, accompanied by a cute date, it could turn out to be just the setting you want. The zoo is entertaining, inspiring …and safe to say a get-away where you can easily flirt for more than a couple of hours.

To spice things up do what the Danes would do. Bring alcohol! Denmark has a bizarre but proud tradition of producing liquids and foods named after animals. Go to any well-sorted supermarket like Irma. For more information take a look at the Zoo website here.

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Old and young, all Copenhageners find it completely normal to eat, drink, play, and tan next to graves. Bring some coffee or a snack. If you have a hidden talent for storytelling make up stories about the names on the gravestones. If you are a sucker for celebs and sightseeing check out H. Old school romance is a reasonably simple thing. Not to mention chocolate, poetry, and flowers. Find out where your crush lives.

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Chances are, you probably know already. If not, jump into an old trench coat and stalk him or her to their house. Next step. Find out which bike belongs to your certain someone.

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Return to the location in the dark of the night with flowers and tape. Wrap the flowers all over the bike using the tape. Do remember to write down your digits and name as well. What if going on a date was more like hanging out with friends? Crazy often equals over the top. It might sound boring to some of you adventurous action junkies, but what about simply asking your crush to go pub-crawling with you? Treat him or her like a friend.

Play it cool. Drink beer. Enjoy the advantages of alcohol.

9. a clockwork orange

Meet up with your date and have a kebab. Share some fries and spice things up with an Arabic soda. Then walk around from bar to bar, drinking a single beer every place you go. Take it easy, and see what happens as you go party-hunting like only friends would do it. Start out at this kebab place, one of the finest in town. Find more information on Ahaaa Arabisk Madhus here. While it remains a fantasy for most people, hitching is actually something that can be done in Denmark. If you are two it could turn out to be a blast.

Wear some warm clothes. Pack some food and water.

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Look at a map of Denmark with your date and decide on where you want to go. There are a lot of highway junctions in the outskirts of Copenhagen, where drivers are most likely to be going out of town. Maybe you will end up spending your date visiting some far away city. Find good advice on hitchhiking in Denmark by clicking here.

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Invite your date to come play a game of chess at your house. It is a little geeky, but that can be pretty alluring. Put on some nice and comfy music. Make coffee, light candles, bake a cake, and pray that it rains all day.

Savor a beer by the lakes

Challenge this old saying in the privacy of your own home. At least you will end up knowing whether your future husband or wife is a sore loser or an obnoxious winner. The book is a mix of love poems and chess compositions, and it will take you far on many levels. University Post is the critical, independent newspaper for students and employees of University of Copenhagen and anyone else who wishes to read it.

about it here. University Post University of Copenhagen. Latest — Welcome to the University of Copenhagen! Five important dates to remember. Videnskab Politik Uddannelse Campus Debat.