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I was an expat living in France for over 5 years. It only took me 1. Disclaimer: Of course each person and relationship is different so this may not apply to everybody.

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Access options available:. In this paper, using slave, elite, and creole narratives, I have traced the racial, political, economic, religious, and cultural forces that have shaped sexualities in colonial Jamaica. I will argue that sexual intolerance began during the slave era as a complex dialectic between colonial elites and Afro-Jamaicans.

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Historically, respectability and rectitude evolved as a Afro-Jamaican response to the slave experience. Today these values persist as a source of national pride while also functioning to distance Afro-Jamaicans from their colonial past.


You have sinful connexions with different women and the one that you profess to live with as your wife is not so for you have never been married to her. All this is wrong and will be the ruin of your soul if you die in your sins No fornicator shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven Over fifteen hundred miles away from the island, the substance of Jamaican sexualities was being contested.

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Many Westerners would have been surprised by this exchange. Current images of Jamaica, created primarily by the tourist industry, are replete with suggestions of romance and sexual adventure; depictions that are neither right nor wrong.

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On one hand, Jamaican culture is engulfed in sexuality. Jamaican music, dance, and media feature implicit and explicit references to sexual behavior and practices. On the other hand, acceptable sexualities are narrowly defined, and Jamaicans themselves seem intolerant of sexual expressions that fall outside a strictly constructed paradigm of heteronormal activity. Although homophobia is well-known and widespread in Jamaica, sexual intolerance extends beyond homophobia to the condemnation of homosexual and heterosexual oral and anal sex acts — a complex of sexual intolerance that I term anti-sodomism.

Sexual intolerance is blatant and takes many forms.

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A of current incidents demonstrate the depth of homophobia. The lyrics of several popular dancehall songs openly advocate murdering gays.

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He also assured Jamaicans that the laws against homosexuality would stand. Heterosexual anti-sodomy is also blatant and is illustrated in the following examples.

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Men who date tourist women are ostracized for potentially engaging in oral sex a sex act Western women are said to demand. A musician I know threw an American groupie out of his hotel room in the middle of night after she Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide.

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