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The latter theme is then illustrated through a detailed study of the financial policies of the small cadre of British officials who controlled Egyptian government in this period. They used the language of character to justify being in Egypt in the first place and it clearly influenced the financial policies they adopted. More fundamentally, as we shall see, the character grid gave them a very negative view of Egyptians and their society and made it impossible for them to recognise that nationalist claims for autonomy had any validity.

See also Bellamy, Liberalism and Modern Societych. However, by there was also growing support for the New Liberal contention that state help was necessary to provide the poor with the minimum necessary to allow them to develop character and become active citizens. Vincent and Plant, Philosophy, Politics and Citizenshipch.

Character and imperialism: the british financial administration of egypt, –

Disraeli's failure to adhere to Gltonian principles was probably the biggest single reason for his defeat at the election of For an interesting contemporarysee Dicey, England and Egypt. Cole, Colonialism and Revolution in the Middle East. See also Scholch, Egypt for the Egyptians!

For Colvin, see the essay by B. Tomlinson in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography12, — For Malet, see Lynn Williams essay in ibid. See Mellini, Sir Eldon Gorst.

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Gorst was known under the name John Lowndes Gorst until In this context it is worth noting that Cromer and Gorst believed that the Muslim acceptance of female seclusion and polygamy, together with the generally low status of women in Egypt, meant that masculinity was ill-developed there. Milner, England in Egypt, Cromer, Modern EgyptII, — Colvin, The Making of Modern Egypt Blunt, Secret History—22, was convinced that fears about maintaining financial control lay behind British intervention in Milner, England in Egypt16; cf.

Cromer, Modern EgyptI, For modern interpretations of the reasons for occupation, see Robinson and Gallagher, Africa and the Victoriansch. Said, Orientalism On this theme, see also the debate on Egypt in Parliamentary Debates 5th ser. Wrench, Alfred Lord Milner Colvin, The Making of Modern Egypt61—62, for an example. Apart from dark hints about French sexual mores, Cromer was concerned mainly with differences in approaches to governance.

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He argued that the French, like other Europeans, preferred a bureaucratic system with rigid rules handed down from the centre, while British methods were more individualist and left much more discretion to subordinates. In his view, the Egyptians were tempted by the French approach because it absolved them from taking personal responsibility: but the more pragmatic British system was better for them because it helped to build character.

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It is noteworthy that Milner became a passionate protectionist in the s. In this context it is of some interest to note that when Vincent was freed from Cromer's grip and became, inDirector-General of the Imperial Ottoman Bank, his arrogance and impetuousness led him into speculative ventures of a thoroughly unGltonian nature and raised serious questions about his probity. The financial exigencies of the s and disputes over how to deal with them caused considerable tension between Cromer and Vincent and some other British officials.

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See Owen, Lord Cromer— In this context, see the penetrating study of the psychology of the imperial elite by Tidrick, Empire and the English Character. Earl of Cromer, Abbas IIxxiii. As Brailsford, The War of Steel and Gold, pointed out, expenditure on education should have been a priority if self-government was the chief aim of government.

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For a fascinating study of how the Egyptian elites in the public service tried to internalise Cromer's lessons on character, see Mitchell, Colonising Egyptesp. Owen, Lord Cromer— The financial morality of some other British officials did give cause for concern but even Blunt admitted that Cromer was untouched by any scandal.

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Original Articles. Professor P. Cain Correspondence p. s Published online: 06 Jul Character and imperialism: The british financial administration of Egypt, — Cromer, Modern EgyptII, Said, Orientalism. The most accessible commentary is by Macfie, Orientalism.

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Cannadine, Ornamentalism. Kent, Brains and s6.

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Burrow, A Liberal Descent. Seeley, The Expansion of England. Collini, Public Moralistsch.

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Collini, Public Moralists97— Gltone, Midlothian Speeches Daunton, Trusting Leviathan Gltone, Midlothian Speeches— Said, Culture and Imperialism— Brailsford, The War of Steel and Gold Owen, Lord Cromeris a fine modern biography. Blunt, Secret History of the Occupation of Egypt.

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Milner, England in Egypt Owen, Lord Cromer Colvin, The Making of Modern Egypt23, Malet, Egypt Milner, England in Egypt18— Cromer, Modern EgyptII, Malet, Egypt63; see also Dicey, England in Egypt— Cromer, Modern Egypt Colvin, The Making of Modern Egypt— Cromer, Modern EgyptII, —7. Colvin, The Making of Modern Egypt51— Owen, Lord Cromer,— Cromer, Ancient and Modern Imperialisms— Milner, England in Egypt, 84, Cromer, Modern EgyptII,— More Share Options. Related research People also read lists articles that other readers of this article have read.

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