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No speculation is too out-there for this unconventional character who lets her extroverted intuition run wild when it comes to evaluating her career and romance options.

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Introverted Sensing Si : Ross is attached to his past.

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He reminisces happily about the potatoes his mum would make for Thanksgiving, and persuades Monica to make lumpy potatoes so that he can enjoy Thanksgiving the way he did as The One Where Underdog Gets Away, 1x He generally finds change difficult, being slow to adapt to his divorce from Carol or the idea of raising with Rachel The One Where Rachel Tells Ross, 8x Ross is a fairly traditional person. He loves the structure of marriage because of the security it provides, and spends the years following his divorce with Carol trying marry again.

Ross is comfortable relying on past experience.

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When he and Chandler plan to go out with Gandalf the Wizard, be brings fresh socks, a passport and a snake bite kit because these items were needed last time. Extraverted Feeling Fe : Ross is open with his emotions.

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He has trouble dealing with things on his own, and frequently turns to others when he needs emotional support, such as talking through his divorce to Carol with Joey and Chandler The Pilot, 1x01or unloading about his breakup with Rachel to Carol The One without the Ski Trip, 3x Ross is insightful into the feelings of others, and is able to tell that Mark had a thing for Rachel without it being overtly stated.

However, he is also somewhat clueless with his own feelings, and needs to vocalise his emotions to understand them.

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Ross cares deeply about maintaining group harmony - he tries as hard as he can to make his marriage work with Emily, agreeing to cut Rachel out of his life in the hope that it will fix his marriage The One with the Kips, 5x He is receptive to the needs of others, and often puts his own needs on hold to ensure his loved ones can have what they want. He is sensitive about the way he is perceived by others, and will go to great lengths to make people like him, such as organising a party for his apartment block to win the regard of his neighbours The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey, 5x Introverted Thinking Ti : Ross wants things to make sense on a rational basis.

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He often comes to blows with Phoebe on of her irrational beliefs, and has trouble accepting ideas and theories that do not make sense. He scoffs when Phoebe believes her mother has come back as a cat because it contradicts his scientific worldview The One with the Cat, 4x02rolls his eyes when the others want to enter the lottery because he knows earning a financial profit is highly unlikely The One with the Lottery, 9x18and berates Phoebe for not believing in evolution because he sees it as the only rational possibility The One Where Heckles Dies, 2x Because Ross uses extraverted feeling so predominantly, he can struggle with navigating his own feelings.

During these times, he is inclined to use his introverted thinking to make sense of his emotions, such as creating a pro con list to decide whether he was more interested in dating Julie or dating Rachel The One with the List, 2x Ross is a very intellectually capable person who finds delight in his academic pursuits.

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He enjoys critical thinking, and loves making logical connections through his occupation in palaeontology. Extraverted Intuition Ne : As a judging type, Ross is keen to bring things to closure.

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He is uncomfortable leaving things open ended, and likes to have plans locked in for the future as it makes him feel more secure. When he and Rachel date for the first time, he thinks seriously about where they will live together and how many children they will have, expressing these views to Rachel after only a few weeks of dating The One Where Old Yeller Dies, 2x This discomfort with the unknown is a trait that manifests itself consistently throughout the series.

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When Ross is asked what he would do with a million dollars, he proclaims that he would store the money in the bank rather than investing in something novel The One with the Lottery, 9x Ross is aware of his cautious nature, however, and on occasion likes to challenge himself by trying new things. He gets an earring when he is dating Emily, reporting that he loves how open-minded he is when around her The One with all the Haste, 4x19and buys himself a pair of leather pants during the New Year, resolving to challenge himself with other new experiences in the following weeks The One with all the Resolutions, 5x Detailed analysis of fictional characters from books, television and film through MBTI and Enneagram typology systems.

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