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Extraordinary beauty Emma sometimes works on Thursday. Look for her on twitter! On the east side of Yonge St. Full season wellness center: Naughty and cute Ella, intellectual big boobs Eav, student big boobs Vicky, deep massage sexy Mary. Full season wellness center: Naughty and cute Ella, intellectual and big boobs Eav, student and big boobs Vicky, deep sexy Mary.

W, Vaughan. Open from am to pm daily. Emma, Yoyo and Eva are here today Visit our spa before 9pm Enter through our back door if you wish Exotic curvy girls Middlefield Scarboro Prev 1 2. First Prev 2 of 2 Go to. ed Oct 30, Messages 58 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Ok, I am fairly decent with computers but I couldn't find an easy way to edit the original post. Here is a repost with updates promised as well as feedback from others, I will continue to update this if the moderators want to make it sticky: Ok - so I see a lot of questions about the Arlington scene and I wanted to help provide a current, comprehensive record.

If this is in the wrong section, I would be happy if the mods moved it where it belonged.

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First and foremost, Arlington does not have AMP's in the true sense of the term. There are many places to get foot reflexology and massages - but good luck even finding a L0 or L1!!! I LOVE massages and have had way too many. The only thing better is a happy ending. I have spent a lot of money discovering these various places and maybe I can save you time and money or provide some nice massage recommendations.

Arlington massages

I also tip generously as it helps uncover menus. The are public massage establishments, not Back escorts or private rubs. Please note, it totally depends on the individual. If you get to know the right person anywhere, even someplace like Massage Envy, you can still get L1 or more. Most of the places are foot reflexology centers but have tables in back for full body massages. Some are in private rooms and some are just behind a curtain.

I will update with specific addresses when possible. Cute middle aged ladies, strict draping. If you are very regular you can sometimes skip draping. Including some body walking, knees, etc.

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I have had a few nice dates that mamasan set me up on with a few ladies. Go here for the massage, good luck on anything else. First time I had a bad rub there. Have heard rumors of one new lady who will play after you really get to know her. I will be investigating shortly!

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This information may be available privately so as to protect the lady. Only tried a few times. May be potential for more but didn't get any hints during my visits despite generous tipping. One lady looked nice. Private room. Only tried a few times, older ladies and men, no menu hints. Asian Foot Reflexology massage - Matlock road south of Fry's happy feet - there are like 20 places named happy feet lol.

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Room behind a drape. Ok middle aged ladies. Good massage. Light draping with a towel. Called and told they had a room now. Wouldn't mind trying. The owner is smoking hot asian. The rest are mostly men. She tries to sell you on supplements while you are there lol. It was a scary looking lady who didn't know shit about a massage. She scrubbed me will a scouring pad in a rubbing motion for 40 minutes. I felt raw and sore. She did the hand thing and it sucked too. Stay away! Private room off main area. She frowned at my tip too.

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Update: The lady is the only one that does massage there. She is actually pretty friendly once you get to know her. Not much to look at. Uncofirmed updates: that spa has a new owner, the lady who does massage now, i met her and she is cute, problaly in her mid to late 30's. Haven't tried her yet. Nail Spa near Broad and Holland behind Mcdonalds.

Private room in back, saw a lot of sleeping bags, etc. Had to clean table off. Not very well known they give massages.

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Very attractive ladies. Nothing on menu but massage with the ones I tried. Good massage, not best, but lovely ladies. L0 all the way. Middle aged attractive ladies, really good massages - possibly 3rd best in Arlington.

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Open late, even when closed One private room in back, 2 draped rooms, a shower if you request. They give a great massage, do the flip and casually bump into you a few times. No draping despite age. After an erection, they move your hand and encourage a do it yourself. They help plenty though. The will grab and massage everything but the pole - if you like rim work or anything else, they'll play while you DIY.