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It was an opportunity foe Jameis Winston to address local media Tuesday for the first time since ing a one-year contract to remain with the New Orleans Saints. Clearly, Winston saw the opportunity with the Saints as his best to return to being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

The maturity as a person clearly appears to have kicked in, based on how he has handled himself in New Orleans, rehabilitating his once tarnished image.

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That was evident in all of his comments, including taking the high road on virtually every topic. Winston refused to discuss interest from or interest in any other potential NFL team in free agency, choosing instead to focus on where he is now and will be at least for the upcoming season.

Additionally, Winston said he embraced the challenge of competing with Taysom Hill for the starting job. And being around him, being in that room with him again, competing, challenging each other and leading a team, to where we want to be, because I know that is what we both want.

We both want the Lombardi Trophy. We both want that.

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Something that I experienced last year that will impact me forever, is being able to play in those meaningful games, being in the playoffs, competing with your teammates to a deeper level. Winston thanked Gayle Benson, Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton for believing in him and providing him with an opportunity to compete for the starting job in Winston said he was struck by the competitiveness of the organization, the commitment to winning, which helped make his decision relatively easy to remain with the Saints.

Winston turned very emotional when addressing the topic of Drew Brees, expressing his love for Brees and shedding tears while doing so. When you listened to and later read the comments Winston made, you had to take them very seriously. Clearly, Winston understands the ificance of Brees in the hearts of fans in the New Orleans area. Clearly, Winston understands the ificance of what Brees accomplished in free Orleans IN matures 15 brilliant seasons with the Saints.

Winston understands that dynamic and is determined to do so in dynamic fashion, as his own man, with his own style at quarterback, saying Brees would tell him to be himself, not to try to be like Brees. The question remains whether he can maintain the good while reducing the bad aspects and s of his game. Winston is certainly young enough 27 and talented enough. Sometimes, the change of venue is all that is necessary for a talented player with issues. That is what the Saints are banking on. Now, we await the vision Payton has for Winston and, for that matter, the vision he has for Hill.

That part of the story is not clear, at this time. Benson, Mickey Loomis and Coach Payton for believing in me and giving me another opportunity to play football for the New Orleans Saints and play quarterback here. It was an honor last year and you guys believing in me to give it another year with such an amazing organization that you, Mrs.

To my teammates, thank you for accepting me, for challenging me, competing with me, getting the best out of me at practice when I first came in there.

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What did you learn about the organization from last season that made you want to return? And how much are you looking forward to competing for the starting job in training camp? Everyone throughout the whole building is competing, is giving it their best.

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And I was challenged by that. And I admire that. And this organization, it displays that day in and day out. What did you learn from Drew Brees?

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You took a year to step back, what did you learn from him? I just got a chance to witness one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time do it. I have been chasing the same dream that he has grasped, that Lombardi Trophy. And when you love this game like I do, and when you are ready to work and willing to give it all you got, like I do, and you see that in real life from Drew Brees.

I think an important thing is continuity. And what I saw last year is the relationship between an excellent head coach and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time display that day in and day out, and like I said, I sunk into that, I bought into that.

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And that is why I enjoyed New Orleans and I wanted to come back and compete for that continuity with that coach, with these coordinators, with this team, I think that is what drew me back to New Orleans. Us having a humbling part in our life, right?

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So I think learning how to be a father and persevere during those trying times, and also grasping this excellent opportunity that was in front of me, being able to be in a building with Drew Brees and Sean Payton and compete with great receivers like Mike Thomas and see great competitors like Alvin Kamara and Terron Armstead compete their butt off.

I think it just gave me, that football part gave me a getaway, but learning how to be a father and a man for my wife and my son was the biggest thing I learned about myself last year, and how we will persevere no matter what. Because my family and I were in there with them. Or was it just more the free Orleans IN matures you had last year? And I never even asked him, where was he in his process? I just respected him. It just happened that I was able to have an opportunity to play quarterback here and compete to play quarterback here. And I really liked that opportunity. Is there any type of pressure following up, I mean, maybe if you win this job, is there any pressure following Drew Brees?

And you be the best version of yourself. And I would love to carry that torch from him. I would love to be able to provide the excitement and joy and resilience that he provided for this city just like that. How would you describe this last year? Was it kind of just like a year of evaluation, self-scouting a whole year? I had to go out there and watch Drew Brees and Taysom Hill go out there and competitively move the ball up and down the field.

Just your general thoughts on being in a competition with Taysom Hill for the starting job? I have two for you, real quick. Was there any other suitors that you seriously considered prior to your decision to agree to terms with the Saints? Or did you make this kind of a quick and easy process? Also, you know, we talked last summer about a lot of changes you were making with your diet and your physical shape and the LASIK surgery and your health.

Williams, these guys like, that was the experience of a lifetime. So, a procedure, all these different types of things, you know, I was excited to do that. I enjoy seeing things clearly. Like do you think Sean Payton kind of uses this opportunity as a way to not start over but, you know, maybe kind of do something totally new this year with new quarterbacks? One thing I know about Coach Payton is he enjoys challenges and he enjoys new beginnings. Like when he got Drew Brees from the Chargers and they exploded together.

So, I know that he has a…his arsenal is filled with a lot of things. Like when you see what he was able to, you know, do with Taysom Hill last year, how he completely kind of changed our offense, and we had like, great success. Like, it was incredible. Just watching a guy work like that.

It was that entire room, creating something like, to come out as a masterpiece. Do you feel like Coach Payton free Orleans IN matures help you reduce your interceptions and did you learn anything from Drew Brees that can help to reduce turnovers? Because over time, the right decision is going to get us where we want to be and I bought into that and I had a chance to not just hear it and go and do it, like I had to hear it then go and do it and then I had to see it, right.

We saw it over and over and over again from Drew and down from Taysom Hill. I want to be over there with with those guys getting the opportunity to compete. So yeah, I love it. You were on the field with Drew right next to him in the last moments of that final game and you gave him a hug and I guess what did that moment mean to you? Being able to be with him in those moments?

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And if you want to talk about it, what did the two of you say to one another? For him to put his arm around me, just give me any encouraging words after I saw the resilience, the passion, the way that he went and approached every single day. Having a chance to play in the playoffs. I love football. That really gives me an emotional feeling because I really love Drew Brees. I know my wife does. And I was just happy that I was able to witness what he did and how he persevered last year. But thank you for asking that question. So thank you. Just what was your mindset, and you touched on this a little bit, but your mindset as you went into work every day.

And just how much did it mean to hear that from the head coach? Sean is an amazing guy.

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Like when you seeing these people go to work every day and like I said, like when you see somebody that you admire, go to work every day, you just fall into that. And I felt like I did become a part of that. Is this just an opportunity for you to prove what you can do in a place that you clearly think suits you well?

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So we can win football games and bring some excitement to the city. I know people in the city got the same love and passion that I got.

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I hope we can get some normalcy back in that city. Just his ability to do literally everything and the same thing, seeing him how he works in that room, the way he maneuvers, how he handled all of his responsibilities like a pro and really handled all of his responsibilities and getting a chance to grow with him and compete with him. I Look forward to getting in front of all of you to talk to you. Thank you, peace and blessings.