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Bluff Mesa Group Campground is conveniently located for campers to enjoy all the beautiful Big Bear Lake area has to offer.

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Permit Module Apply Online Description Temporary Special Even Permit Planning Yes Application for events shall be submitted in a complete form in advance of the anticipated commencement of the activity as follows: 1 Minor events. A Events proposed to operate for the first time: At least 30 days in advance for a community celebration, and at least 90 days in advance for any other event. B … Find out more. Find out more. Massage Clinic Business Application Enforcement Yes Businesses located within the limits of an incorporated city, do not require a from Code Enforcement; however, the city in which the business is located may have licensing requirements.

Please contact this office to determine the jurisdiction. Sole providers are exempt from the requirement to obtain a .

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All employed technicians must possess a… Find out more. Fingerprints - Each new applicant must be fingerprinted. Applicants can check in with the Employee… Find out more. This requirement is… Find out more. Professional Consultation Planning Yes Professional Consultations are used to request meetings, research, or preparation of a rebuild letter. Rebuild Letters In order for a Rebuild Letter to be issued, staff will perform research to determine: that the residence s in question was legally built; and that the residential use has continued since that time. If we are unable to find… Find out more.

Temporary Structure Building Yes A temporary structure permit is required for temporary residential quarters, temporary mobile office trailers, and temporary security quarters. Applicant must have a permit issued for the construction of… Find out more.

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Extension of Time Planning Yes An extension of time may be requested to comply with or implement any conditional land use decision made in accordance with provisions of the Development Code. For questions as to whether an extension of time may be… Find out more. A Home Occupation is: Any occupation customarily conducted entirely within a dwelling by its inhabitants, the purpose being incidental to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes. Home Occupations are commercial uses that are accessory and incidental to a… Find out more. Special Event Public Works No Please fill out the application questionnaire completely and accurately.

Some fields are accompanied by additional help text. Click the? Your… Find out more. All notifications regarding this record will be sent to the provided. Record of Survey submittals are reviewed by County Surveyor staff at actual cost.

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You will be required to provide a ed Financially Responsible Party Information form along with an… Find out more. The applicant must certify the unit meets all of the required standards and conditions outlined in the San Bernardino County Code and in this application packet. The Code Enforcement Officer will conduct an interior and exterior inspection of the… Find out more.

This application should be used for: General zoning certifications for… Find out more. Tree and Plant Removal Planning Yes Tree Plant Removal Permit Application This application is provided for those circumstances where a tree or plan removal is not in conjunction with a land use application or development permit Regulated trees and plants: For a list of regulated trees and plants, please refer to Sections: Batch Plants.

Bluff mesa group camp

Batch plants necessary for the construction of major public infrastructure improvements provided proper review in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act CEQA is completed. Construction yards - Off-site. Off-site… Find out more. However, should the Director determine that the modifications may be controversial, the requested modification shall be referred back to the reviewing authority who required the conditions. In this case, the review… Find out more.

The Planning Project application should… Find out more. A Lot Merger is completely different than a Lot Combination. With a Lot Combination, the lots… Find out more. In a Lot Line Adjustment, land is taken from one parcel and added to an adjacent parcel.

No additional parcels… Find out more. This is an administrative review process conducted by staff of the Planning Division. Please be prepared to provide… Find out more. County Planning staff will review your application and will determine what, if any, type of environmental… Find out more. A compatibility determination is only required in certain land use zoning districts. Online Resources: Proposed accessory uses that required a Compatibility Determination are covered in… Find out more. Certificate of Subdivision Compliance Planning Yes This process is used to legalize a parcel that was created on or after March 4, It also may impose any necessary conditions to provide the appropriate improvements.

A Certificate of Compliance application applies only to a single parcel and is required when: an existing land violation prevents the division or development of property… Find out more. Certificate of Land Use Compliance Planning Yes The Certificate of Land Use Compliance is used to certify the legal use of property, establish termination dates for nonconforming uses, disclose in public records any conditions of operation and any other hookup clearance San Bernardino term conditions or restrictions that apply to the subject use or property.

Upon approval, the Planning staff will make provision for the… Find out more. Please be advised that you must submit payment of the appeal fees in order to submit an appeal application. For current appeal fees, please consult the Land… Find out more. The Accessory Wind Energy Systems application and process provides the County the opportunity to review the proposed accessory wind energy system installation… Find out more.

Pre-Application Development Review Planning Yes Prior to the formal submission of an application and prior to the applicant spending time and resources preparing detailed plans and technical studies, the applicant can use the Pre-Application Development Review process to have County staff answer specific questions or to provide general input and observations regarding the project.

Comments provided during this meeting… Find out more. The District has developed a very extensive system of facilities, including dams, conservation basins, channels, and storm drains.

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The purpose of these facilities is to intercept and convey… Find out more. A Single Trip moving permit is issued for mountain and restricted ro, direct crossings, and variance lo.

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It is only allowed when in the best interest of the public which includes neighborhood watch s. County staff will be able to advise and answer crucial questions to help permit applicants navigate the permit process. This will help to… Find out more. Tree Permit Public Works Yes County of San Bernardino Tree Policy states that the "Abutting property owner is responsible for the trimming or removal for his convenience or protection of his property, and; also, for the trimming of shrubs as necessary to remove obstruction for traffic entering the roadway" and Streets and Highways Code states that the… Find out more.

This program is consistent with the County Vision, which says, in part: We will work together to connect and beautify communities through shared open spaces, public… Find out more.

Addressing — Subdivision Building Yes Once a subdivision records, each lot requires an address prior to construction. This record allows a sub-divider to request an address asment for each lot within the subdivision. If you have any questions related to the submission of this application, please contact Land Use Services Department for assistance at Addressing — New Building Yes This application can be used for: To as an address to a vacant lot To as additional unit address to a lot with an established address This application cannot be used for: Changes of address please use the "Addressing - Change" application Cell site addresses Utility pedestals Temporary addresses Find out more.

Typical Related Records that are associated with this application: Accessory, Single Family Residence, and Non-Residential Records, though any project could utilize an approved fabricator depending on the… Find out more. After submitting your report, they go through the plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the latest… Find out more.

Prior to starting construction you will be required to submit plans and any necessary supporting documentation for review and approval by the County.

The plan review process involves verifying compliance with the California… Find out more. Variance Planning Yes Variances are provided for in the Development Code and State Law to allow flexibility of development standards where the strict application of a regulation may not be appropriate.

According to State Law, the justification for a Variance is that you as a property owner would suffer a unique hardship if the development standard as specified… Find out more. Traffic Study Public Works Yes When a new development is proposed within the unincorporated areas of the County, the Traffic Division of the Department of Public Works provides a review of the traffic related portions in cooperation with the Department of Land Use Services.

For projects which generate a sufficient amount of traffic, more than trips during the peak… Find out more. Tenant Improvement Building Yes A Building Permit is required for an owner or contractor of a property to alter an existing building or structure. The plan review process involves verifying compliance with the California Building Codes,… Find out more.

After submitting your plans, they go through the plan review process, which involves reviews to verify compliance with the San Bernardino County Development Code and San Bernardino County Road Planning and De Standards. Solar Residential Building Yes A Solar permit is required for an owner or contractor of a property to construct rooftop or ground mounted solar. Road Construction Permit Public Works Yes Transportation Construction Permits allow you to encroach onto County Maintained Road System right-of-way for the laying, constructing, or repairing of appurtenant road improvements.

Only when it is in the best interest of hookup clearance San Bernardino Public to close the road is it allowed. A traffic control plan is required. Other possible requirements related… Find out more. Residential New Construction Building Yes A Building Permit is required for an owner or contractor of a property to construct any residential building with a floor area greater than square feet. The plan review process involves… Find out more.