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Years: 34
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While dating can be fun, first dates can be exceptionally awkward and lead to some horrifying moments your friends may never let you forget. At Michigan, there are just some first dates where we shoulda just swiped left in the first place. Take these as a tale of caution. This is by far the most common worst date. Who knows what could happen? Your date is super sweet when he buys you your favorite tequila and shows up with it to the pregame and is actually cute.

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She eyes him now knowing otherwise. Cassandra smiled. You know how I know?

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You want to f— me still? I remember hearing it in high school.

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This news shocked me as I thought back to running lines with him in a practice room for a play we were both auditioning for. He promised. He promised that he was a nice guy in the DM, then he asked me on a date.

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This was no nice guy. I blocked him from my Instagram, along with the story from my mind.

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I heard this line again a few years later. I was crewing a show he was starring in, and he sure seemed like one in the beginning.

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He showered me with compliments, even mentioning me in his bio in the playbill. And so, I had no reason to think otherwise until his texts began to get more frequent and more demanding, and I complained to my friends that he was beginning to get a little … clingy?

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Second, this is some seriously demented patriarchal nonsense. His response?

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I brushed it off and showed the texts to my friends. We ended up laughing about it.

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I would never have admitted it to myself at the time, but the attention seemed harmless. The red flags are obvious now, but at the time I was almost flattered to have someone so obsessed with me. It became a little less funny when he started texting my friends begging them for my address because he wanted to drop off my usual coffee order and apologize for being clingy.

So much for a nice guy.

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But they were such nice guys…. Your donations keep our journalism free and independent. You can support our work here.

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