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Industry One of the major thorns in the side of American business still to be discussed by the candidates for the nominations is the effect upon the domestic economy of foreign competition.

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Walnut Street, Murfreesboro. TN Second class postage paid at Murfreesboro, TN Walnut Street, Murfreesboro, TN They ar trying to kill "our movement First the New York Times suggested, for noble but misguided reasons, that the term "political correctness" be retired.

Then some repugnant organization called the First Amendment Coalition launched a crusade to v "liberate" that's their phrase - college campuses from the politically correct. Joseph Spear Syndicated Columnist 1 0i - 7 disabled nude dancer at this dub. And we don't need to tell again how 12 brave forest firefighters out West were snuffed out when the forest virtually exploded around them the other day to illustrate the point. No, the latest example hits a bit closer to home. A year-old Albany, Ga.

She drowned in her own kitchen. Brantley is among close to 40 Southerners who've died in Georgia, Alabama and Florida flooding in the past week or so.

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Some are killed by sheer accident, but others die Murfreesboro i a flirt they refuse to do the smart thing and flee the danger zone. It's hard to abandon your home to the elements. But those folks have paid the ultimate price in learning that Mother Nature is indeed a harsh mistress, Now the question is, what can we do about it? While there is nothing we can do to stop the swirling flood waters south of us, or bring the victims back to life, we can help the survivors.

And it's as easy as writing a check to the Red Cross, or perhaps donating groceries, new clothing, rent, emergency home repairs, transportation, household items or medicine and tools, volunteers say. We also gladly helped when Midwesterners learned that Old Man River still packs a punch last year; Some of the same people got a hand from us when a drought nearly burnt put the heart of America in the mid-'BQs. Now the victims are even closer to home.

The right mixture of rain and geography has resulted in folks just a few hours south of us literally drowning in their homes. Let's give them a hand right now. Even though we live in the Volunteer State, nobody is asking us all to pile into a truck and go down to fight the flood. But a few dollars, some canned goods and maybe that old coffee table you have socked away in the garage could make all the difference to those flood victims; Remember, we're just a shrug of Mother Nature's -shoulders way-from-cUsasterrround-here.

Next time, it might be us who need the help. Keep the calls coming. Lets us hear your complaints and questions. Stay the course! Pete: Hey, listen, I just want to say thanks, to whatever deity you worship, for Nickpicks. Hadn't been for you, the sports teams at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst that's my school would still be calling themselves "Minutemen" and thinking it's OK. At least now there sensitized. Athletic teams named after militaristic whits males. How could they play under that burden?

Any chance for change? Pete: There's an underground movement to rename the team. I personally prefer the UMass-Amherst "Cranberries.

The daily news-journal from murfreesboro, tennessee · 2

My computer list of offensive names, words and phrases indicates a team called the Cranberries could offend the citiisns of the Australian capital of Cranberries, the residents of Canterbury in England, the Archbishop of Canberra, - the folks who raise Canterbury lambs in New Zealand and the people who live in the Cantabria region of Spain.

Fred: Look, I agree we should try to prevent hurt feelings, but you people go too far sometimes. Out here in LA where I live, the PC Police just forced an adult nightclub to rip a shower out of the dressing room because it was too small to accommodate the wheelchairs of disabled nude dancers. PCP: Not "disabled," Fred. There's never been a PCP: You're missing the point The club is denying potential differently abled nude dancers the opportunity.

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Fred: You people are nuts. Why don't you Lee: You were going to come up with a different name for the Washington Redskins football team. Any luck? Has a nice ring, dont you think? There was a rash of male staring going on here in the library, but the authorities jumped right on it They posted a notice. FH quote from it: "If you become aware that someone is staring at you, do not tolerate his behavior. Come down to the Circulation Desk and report the problem.

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PCP: Staring is a terriWe problem. Thanks for sharing the Wisconsin experience. Lee: I have an intrinsic inclination toward tardiness. I dont want to. I get low grades and Tve been fired from five summer jobs.

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Can Nickpick help? PCP: We've formed a task force on how to protect the temporally challenged. Hang in there. Help is on the way. Lee: No problem. I'm going back to bed. Just let the phone ring until I answer. IV "2ftim.

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What they smell all day fools their brains into thinking they've already eaten. It hasn't always been the. No, that got started during the Civil War when remains had to be transported long distances before burial. Imbeciles can win seat in U. Murfreesboro i a flirt To the editor, Politics is the only profession in the country that, beyond being an American, does not require qualification or training of any kind. For example, if -a genius and an idiot ran against each other for the United States Senate," the outcome would depend not upon the candidates' qualifications or training, but upon the campaign with the slickest shysters and the most money.

Such a situation actually occurred on a bet in a small town where an imbecile was elected to the town council, unseating a longtime incumbent The story goes that a millionaire cousin of the imbecile made a bet with the mayor that he could get his cousin elected to the town council by simply outspending the well-known incumbent. The bet was on, and the imbecile won! The incident backfired, however, because the campaign was so well executed, and the imbecile was so over-hyped, that the local political machine supported him for mayor in the next election and he won that seat also.

It gets worse Lsttsrs Years later when the news media picked up on the story, it was discovered that the events leading up to the imbecile's election to the Senate were so well covered up that it could not be determined with certainty who the senator was, or where he came from. So incredible was the story, that a major effort was launched to flush out the imbecile senator. An army of news reporters worked the story for months, but to no avail.

Finally, a major news syndicate decided to organize a mass meeting consisting of two investigators from each state to plan strategy for exposing the senator once and for all. The meeting was convened in late July with investigators representing every state in the union. When the meeting chairman asked if anyone present thought that the imbecile might possibly be one of the senators from their state, everyone in the room stood up! A To the editor, - I Buggest we could reduce the city's budget by combining the Electric Department and the -Water and Sewer Department I know this is done in Shelbyville, and probably in a lot of other places.

There is one administration office, one group of meter readers, one bill, one check, one envelope, Murfreesboro i a flirt one stamp. There is certainly less time, expense and effort for everyone involved. Of course this couldn't be done quickly or easily, but a good place to start would be the meter readers.

A meter, reader could read both in one trip. I have no idea of the of meter readers employed or their total cost in the budgets of the two departments.

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I would think it would be substantial. Another possible savings might be meter reading bi-monthly, with billing as an average of the two, or some simple formula. Maybe even a small discount if patrons chose bi-monthly billing.

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Cutting down on paperwork is a savings for any operation. There may bd reasons why this is not practical, but it seems to me the present duplication is very expensive inefficiency. Like every household, we spend time writing checks, recording, filing, and mailing many bills every month.

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I just ed up for the bank draft for our water and sewer bill, and I appreciate that opportunity. I take every advantage I can to use bank drafts, automatic payment via 'credit card, and electronic deposit Each saves time, expense, miles and effort for everyone concerned. Lefs look at the unnecessary duplication in these two city departments.

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WUIoughby Coffee Avenue. Retired people key in the health care bill To the editor, The urgent call of the American' Association of Retired Persons to its 33 million members is an important and newsworthy development in the health care controversy, and AARP members will be watching to see whether print and TV media give it the same headline treatment accorded an anti-Clinton health plan vote by the majority of a few hundred business leaders.

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Journalism students have noted that prominent media made little or no mention of the facts that the National Council of Senior Citizens with 6, members is an active supporter of the efficient single-payer system, as are also Consumer Reports with millions of readersPublic Citizen thousands of Nader activistsmore than TnamViora nf fVmcmiaa nrA turn ra vmwa rvwMn f w.