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Radiocarbon dating is an incredibly marvelous archaeological dating tool developed in the s.

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It has been refined ever since, both in its techniques and how archeologists interpret. As soon as an organism dies, no longer breathing in air, the ratio 14 C to non-radioactive 12 C changes with a slow decay of the radiocarbon. Half of the 14 C atoms decay and disappear from a body in 5, years. That's perfect for archeology because that means half is gone in 5, years, another half is gone in 11, years, etc. The aim of the laboratory is to produce and extract carbon dioxide gas CO 2 using a plasma oxidation technique developed by chemistry Professor Marvin W.

Having recently come across a chemically reducing hydrogen plasma technique for restoring metal artifacts, Dr. After several incarnations of plasma machines, the most elaborate system developed so far is located at the Center for New Mexico Archaeology facilities.

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The principle advantages of the plasma technique for 14 C sampling are:. That allows virtually nondestructive sampling for most artifacts.

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Tow samples are routinely taken, but 65 have been taken from a single soot sample. This and the following step are routinely done with four chambers operating simultaneously.

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The technique is potentially applicable to any artifact that contains organic material that relates to the archaeological date of the material. ificant improvements to plasma systems have been instituted here, not only in the system itself, but also in experimental procedures followed.

Multiple up to fivesimultaneously operated chambers have been demonstrated for extracting CO 2 for dating a substantial increase in operational efficiency. Dual internal argon and oxygen storage chambers were added for quick refilling of chambers. Masking procedures are currently being tested to isolate specific carbon-bearing material from the rest of a sample using aluminum foil or aluminum oxide.

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The addition of a residual gas analyzer has greatly increased our capacity for understanding the complicated gas reactions occurring during the plasma reactions. LEPRS permits virtually nondestructive radiocarbon dating of organic archaeological artifacts. We have used the current system dating rock paintings and many other archaeological artifacts.

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Five chambers with the blue glow of Ar plasmas being operated simultaneously. The nearest chamber is one of our two large chambers for non-routine samples that are larger than normal.

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The plasma oxidation technique is a "nondestructive" method for collection of 14 C material for dating. Contrarily, we utilize a more non-destructive process of pretreatment rinsing the artifact in a pH8 buffer to remove humic acids.

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In traditional 14 C dating, the CO 2 is finally extracted by total combustion of the artifact sample to convert organic material, resulting in total destruction of a sample. That CO 2 is routinely converted into graphite for measurement at a radiocarbon laboratory. In our technique, we rely on direct radiocarbon analysis of the CO 2 gas directly.

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Our ability to use lower temperatures allows fragile objects to be analyzed. Our current system can operate plasmas at near human body temperature and still collect enough material for dating purposes.

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Since the plasma only interacts with the surface of the material being oxidized, only a microscopically thin layer of material is "destroyed", i. This may be thought of as an analogy to exfoliating the dead skin cells off of one's arm with a loofah. The amount of material needed for processing is also less than traditional radiocarbon dating due to no ificant loss of material in our pretreatment or plasma processing, and because the requirement of very little amount of material being extracted from the sample.

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The accelerator mass spectrometry laboratory we collaborate with for the 14 C analysis measures only millionths of a gram of CO 2. Any organic material can be used in the plasma process, with ly processed materials ranging from eggshells to peyote to rock art to a mummified infant burial set to ceramics to soot.

Experimental Procedure Radio frequency induced plasmas produce excited atomic and ionic species that are useful. Four chambers with the blue glow of Ar plasmas being operated simultaneously.

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