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What is my age: 34
Hobby: White Women Ready Granny Sex Professional Gentleman New To Area Looking To Meet New People.
Ethnic: Cambodian
Hair color: Ash-blond
My figure type: My figure features is quite slender
I like to listen: Jazz
In my spare time I love: Hunting

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About me

I'm a little over 5'11" cm with brown hair, blue-grey eyes, an easy smile, a soft heart, a hard body, and a passion for freedom and the natural world and our return to that garden paradise with others who are equally awake, inspired, and determined to "love with their whole hearts or die trying". My degree and "formal education" I now count as nothing.

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I have a big, newly realized passion for building and creating a community of truly free people. And I mean free, just like the trees, birds, and all other living things. Free as in not wanting any other connection with our sick, sad "civilization". Is the endless breaking of treaties not barbaric?

How about the stealing of lands? It's time we do better. I am a vegan-ish vegetarian leaning strongly towards raw veganish. First, I don't like labels or to "identify" as "something". I don't fit well into the boxes of the Matrix and always seem to break them in some way I occasionally also eat raw cheese maybe twice a year. I think veganism has gone off the deep end, taken a good concept and blown it out of proportion Vegan philosophies, for me, are less about health and more being trendy As for me, I want to integrate more and more completely with the wisdom of Mother Veggie dating Chesapeake VA and all of her members I find her mezmerizing!

She is the consumate engineer, the consumate artist Exactly the things I aspire to most! I have learned to slow down and think about my actions and I am looking for people with similar depth and who've thought about the meaning behind the things they do.

My sexual orientation doesn't fit well in a box either sigh!

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I got rid of my mask, my ego, and stopped pretending to be satisfied with "plain vanilla", the socially acceptable heterosexual, monogamous relationship. I think many people are lying to themselves, and identify so strongly with the socially acceptable ego-mask they are masquerading in, that they don't really know who they are or what they want! That was me once!

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Not anymore. I value honesty and commitment. I think love is bigger, more beautiful, more gentle, more wild, more honesty, more fascinating than people most people plugged into the system can handle. And sex for me is the zenith of spiritual experiences. I love diversity and the uniqueness of the individuals I have met who have had the courage to take off their masks and live free 'cause the truth does set you free!

If this resonates with you, get in touch with me and let's begin to grow our tribe and transform our lives and the world! I enjoy eating healthy and exercising regularly.

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I've been a vegetarian since I was 18; trying to transition to vegan eventually. I really appreciate the benefits of this lifestyle. I like watching live college sporting events, but I'm not a fanatic who spends the weekends infront of the TV. I'm into cycling, motorcycling and jogging during the warm summer months.

I will not waste my time with another omnivore that's why I'm here. Living in PalmyraVirginia Almost veg diet.

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Old fashioned protestant christian, widowed, new pescetarian, 5 foot 6 inches tall. Chunky, but not obese. Marriage minded, but want no fast romances. Brown shoulder length hair with a little gray.

I have dimples and brown eyes. I have not children, but love reading, children, animals, and books. I am long time disabled with brain cell disorders and in recent years have developed a sleep disorder. I have been stable since and most of the time am reasonably happy.


I maintain a good relationship with my in-laws and am an only child! I especially love cats and letter writing. My deceased parents raised me in a Christian home and put me through a Christian college where I studied very very hard. My major was elementary education, but I didn't get to teach! My medicine causes appetite increase at night so I will always be plump!

Please forgive me, but low salt peanuts are my weakness. Living in ArlingtonVirginia Vegan diet. I am vegan for ethical reasons. It causes me great anguish to think about animals suffering, being treated as mere property, and having their lives shortened simply because they taste good. I aspire to seek truth, be honest, and to live the golden rule. I believe nature is to be revered and not conquered, that the current division of the planet between human and nonhuman habitats is badly out of balance, that people should be held responsible for themselves.

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I value simple living--I live in a walkable neighborhood, I bike 5 minutes to and from the gym in the morning, and I do errands on foot whenever possible. Now that I am retired as of MayI plan to volunteer with animal welfare organizations and possibly the local schools. My intuition tells me that life has meaning that transcends the self and humankind. I do like to play! Photo Dates: Main photo is Februarysecond photo of me sitting in blue polo shirt is Octoberthird photo of my cats is Octoberfourth photo of me in workout clothes is Mayand fifth photo of me in suit is February Living in ViennaVirginia Vegan diet.

I enjoy walking, attending live theatre mostly comedy and farce in particularmeditating, taking photographs and videos, visiting and petting animals, exploring zen and other approaches to nonduality, advocating for veganism and animal rights, swing dancing Lindy Hop, Balboa, East Coast Swingreading. I created two music videos advocating for being vegan and animal rights.

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They are on YouTube. Ask me for the links. I play cornet and harmonica in two bands jazz, swing, standards, rock, blues, folk.

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I work as a web applications programmer. Living in WashingtonVirginia Vegan diet. I am a good natured, vegan, engineer. I have bachelor of science degrees in computer science and electrical engineering.

I work as a software developer. I have spent most of my life studying classical guitar and I very much enjoy playing and performing classical, bossa nova, and flamenco. I like scuba diving, alpine skiing, backpacking, learning to fly planes, fencing and martial arts. I do volunteer work by working for animal rights and putting on an occaisional guitar show for a worthy cause.

Cheeky is a 69 year old, Atheist female. I grew up in a small town in upstate NY, made a decent living in a big city Dallas and retired in the country.

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I'm emotionally strong, love all animals, and I'm a vegetarian with a strong slant to vegan. Life is good but it would be nice to date occasionally and care for someone close again. My hobbies are gardening, stained glass de, knitting, crossword puzzles, and I like to try new recipes.

Vegana is a 31 year old, spiritual female. Living in HalifaxVirginia Vegan diet.